How to get enrolled in classes!

Your child’s first martial Arts class can cause a lot of excitement and anxiety for both you the parent and the child! I bet you are wondering… how will they like it?…will they be able to keep up?…How much is this going to cost me? Your child is probably thinking… I hope I like it…..I hope I can do everything right…what should I wear?… And I hope I know someone in my class!

Rest assured registration at Jukido Kai School of Martial Arts is a very easy process. Youth classes begin at 6pm so it would be wise to come 15 minutes early to fill out the simple registration form and so you and your child can be introduced to the instructors. A parents signature is required for participation. Monthly fees are required upon registration and payable the first class of each month. Beginning in january 2015 there will be a one time  registration fee for new students of $25. Youth classes are $40 per month for two classes a week. Not bad, When you consider the costs of the alternative activities your child could have chosen . Dance classes could run you about $60 a month for the 2hr a week training (not including costumes, shoes, leotards and recital expenses). Sports like football and soccer give you the added cost of cleats, multiple uniforms, pads and gas for driving to the games. Research has shown that the average cost of karate training is $60 – $100 per month for a one hour class per week.

Your child will eventually need a traditional karate “Gi” or uniform. This is available for purchase at the dojo for around $35. We don’t require a uniform right away.. We do ask that your child have a uniform by the end of his/her first month of class. Until then attire similar to what they would wear to a school gym class is fine. Make sure it is easy to move and workout in.

As time goes on and your “Karate Kid” starts to pick a up a few techniques and forms they may go up for promotion which is usually $25 and includes their new colored belt and a certificate of rank.

Karate is a contact sport so there is a need for safety equipment. Other than a mouth piece ($2) and a protective cup (boys) you will not need to purchase this equipment until the end of his / her first month of karate. The equipment consists of hand pads and shin and instep pads that will cost you about $35 and  head gear at $30. These items, other than the protective cup, can also be purchased at the dojo.

So in conclusion here is a list of what you need for your first class….

* a parent to sign forms

* $25 One Time Registration Fee for new students or students who have been out of class for 2 months or longer.

*$40 first months fees ( we regret that we do not accept credit or debit cards at this time… bring cash or check please)

*clothing that is easy to workout in

*arrive 15 minutes early

*a positive “can do” attitude

Welcome to Jukido Kai!

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