Originally founded as Eugue-Ryu School of Martial Arts, Jukido Kai Sogo Budo has evolved to include many martial arts systems and concepts. Through the on-going training of its founder Sensei Shane Topp, it continues to grow and build on these arts.

In 1994, Sensei Topp began teaching at his personal residence and the student population quickly outgrew this location. The need for space moved the class to a new training area in the basement of a local lodge in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

As word spread and students came, it became evident that the dojo would require a much larger and more permanent home. In 1999 the dojo family came together to create a training area at what had once been a dance studio at 9 W. Auglaize St. in downtown Wapakoneta. The dojo grew to include a separate business known as “Therapeutic Massage” as Sensei Topp became a licensed Massage Therapist.

With continually growing classes the need for larger facilities and parking became evident, prompting the dojo’s move to outside of Wapakoneta to Wapak-Fryburg Rd. We continue to grow and offer more classes as requested by our students.

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