Karate :: A Family Affair!

Today’s lifestyle can sometimes get a little hectic. With the responsibilities of working a fulltime job and keeping up with the housework and kids there is little time for a parent to take care of themselves. Who has time to get a good workout in? Most parents who do make an attempt to take time for themselves end up riddled with guilt that they should be home with the kids or cleaning the house, getting groceries or fill in the blank with any one of the endless number of tasks we perform on a given day. We spend our days multitasking for the benefit of our jobs and our families in the attempts to save time. Time that we would like to spend with our families, enjoying life and having fun.

I think its safe to say that all parents find themselves, at one time or another, trying to come up with a good family activity that everyone can enjoy. I also think its safe to say that most of us struggle with trying to find time to workout and improve our overall health. More and more families are discovering that they can have fun together while getting a great workout and learning a progressive curriculum of self defense skills.

Karate has a full range of aspects that intrigue a variety of people. Many people join a karate class to learn how to protect themselves. In today’s society everyone should learn how to be more aware and how to avoid the situations that could prove to be dangerous. From young to old we are all vulnerable to the ever increasing crime rate and bullying streak that has enveloped our country.

Others join karate for the exercise. The intense workouts can help get you back into shape. For the younger student it offers the physical activity that today’s lifestyle has all but erased. If you feel that you may be too out of shape to keep up don’t be afraid to modify that exercises and techniques to your abilities. Students at Jukido Kai School of Martial Arts, have the benefit of instructor Sensei Topp. Not only is he a Eighth Degree Black Belt, he is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant. His knowledge of the body and his ability to help you modify the exercises will help you achieve the results you need. Everyone needs to start somewhere! The key is to actually get started!

At Jukido Kai School of Martial Arts classes are designed so that parents and children can learn the art together. We have 2 sessions to offer. A Monday/Wednesday class and a Tuesday /Thursday class from 6 to 7pm in which our beginning adults and our youth classes are combined. This provides a great opportunity for a fun activity that both parents and kids can share together. Parents and children love the fact that they are both being exposed to something for the first time and can help each other to learn the forms and techniques. It helps level the playing field when your child is able to teach you a thing or two! It creates a different kind of bonding experience that is great for both you and you child.

If you are looking for a great way to help fulfill those new years resolutions! Joining a Martial Arts class with your child or even your spouse can help “Knock Out” a couple of those resolutions in one “punch”.

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