" Traditional Dojo Etiquette: Part One The Uke-Deshi"

Traditionally the students of a Dojo took it upon themselves to provide for all of the day to day needs of a Sensei. It was understood that the Sensei’s time was very valuable and that he needn’t be bothered by tasks like cooking, laundry, cleaning and such. It was in his students best interest to free as much of the Sensei’s time as possible so that he could study and interpret even more of the arts and pass it on to them.
Many times a Sensei would chose an “Uke-Deshi” or “live in student” .  The Uke Deshi would take care of all of the Sensei’s needs and pampering, with attention to the smallest detail, even drawing the Sensei’s bath to a precise temperature and giving much needed massage.  An Uke Deshi  was honored to do these things for his Sensei in order to have constant contact and opportunity to study how the teacher is able to incorporate the martial arts into every aspect of his life. The  Uke-Deshi, many times would gain the knowledge of the Secret Teachings within the Martial Arts and a Sensei nearly always would choose his successor from among these elite students.
Today, we have different customs to reflect our very different lifestyle. A Sensei very rarely has an Uke-Deshi, but there is usually an elite group of students that receive access to the teacher during non class times. The tradition translates in today’s time in ways such as’. Only higher ranking students have the Sensei’s personal phone number and closed classes for only those in the elite group. The dojo itself is taken care of by the students as a whole. The condition of the Dojo is a direct reflection on its students. Everyone is responsible for pitching with the day to day upkeep and cleaning of the Dojo. The bulk of the duties here at Jukido Kai are done by the Adult Class. Periodically one of the higher ranking students will approach Sensei Topp with a request to end class a little early so the group can clean together.  In addition to training together the ability to work together in a coordinated and efficient manner is part of the education of the warrior. We enjoy a beautiful dojo in a beautiful country setting. If you have ever visited
another real dojo you can appreciate what we have here at Jukido Kai. The facilites that we have grown to have are  a direct reflection of the caliber of the Jukido Kai students. So if you have ever found yourself admiring the surroundings..thank Our Adult Karate Class for embracing the tradition of caring for the dojo! Each and every student and guest can do their part by helping to keep the Dojo grounds clean and beautiful. Our dojo appearance is, in a sense, the first impression that others will get of the Jukido Kai Family. Thank You for doing your Part!                       Written by Nancy Topp

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