Jukido Kai Sogo Budo, based in Wapakoneta, Ohio,  is an organization that teaches traditional martial arts classes.  The curriculum includes specialized wellness classes and self protection classes.  There are also classes taught by Certifed Jukido Kai Instructors in Marysville and Bellefontaine, Ohio
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Youth Karate

This class focuses on building strong character in our younger students through the time tested art of karate…more

Adult Beginner

This class is designed for the adult student that is interested in “trying out” the martial artsmore
Karate – Karatejutsu

This class is for the serious adult student who is interested in advancing through the Martial arts to a high degree of skillmore

Aikido This class is focused on developing the flowing skills of Aikido “The way of harmony”…more

Iaido The focus is on learning and developing traditional Samurai sword skills…more

A.T.A.C. A.T.A.C. (Armed Tactics and Combatives) What do you get when you take hundreds of years of traditional Martial arts and give it modern tools and tactics?..more

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