At what age can my child start training?

Our Youth karate program starts  at 5 years old . Martial Arts training requires focus and discipline and the ability to follow specific directions. We have found that some children are ready at 5  years old and others would benefit from waiting a year to start training. It is helpful if the child has had some experience with a school type setting.

Is there a registration fee?

Beginning in January 2015 there will be a ONE TIME $25 registration fee for new students. If a student is NOT enrolled for 2 months or longer we will consider that student new for enrollment purposes.

When can I sign up?

Registration is conducted on a month by month basis. Currently registration is conducted the first week of the month. When registering for the first time we ask that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the class start time to complete the short registration form.  All minors are required to have a parent/ legal guardian signature to participate.

What should I wear?

In the beginning we ask that you wear something that is easy to exercise and move in.  By the time that you are nearing the end your first month of training, we ask that you purchase the traditional black “Gi” (gee) or uniform. A black workout shirt with the Jukido Kai logo is acceptable to wear under the Gi. Our training area is a completely matted floor and we ask that no shoes are worn on that area. For your convenience, t shirts and uniforms can be purchased at the school.

What equipment is needed?

On sparring nights all students are required to have certain items.  During sparring all students must wear a mouthpiece to help protect the teeth from accidental injury. It is also required that students wear protective hand pads and foot pads.  We also require head gear ( Helmet). There are many styles and varieties of these on the market today many of which are available at the Jukido Kai School for purchase.  The Instructors recommended gear is in stock at the dojo. Also required for all males is an athletic cup to every class which may be purchased at your local super store or sports store.

Are parents required to stay on the premesis during classes?

Parents are always welcome to stay and watch, but not required! The Dojo is equipped to handle a large number of spectators with its bleacher seating. Many parents stay and watch and many have ended up joining in the fun!  Sparring nights are particularly popular, so come early and get a good seat! We ask that any children spectating please be seated in the bleachers next to a parent for their own safety.

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