Master Shane Topp

Shane Topp has been interested in Martial Arts for as long as he can remember. He has molded his life and career around the study and understanding of martial science. He began his formal study with Mr. Michael Young. Mr. Young was the head instructor of Eugue-Ryu Karate-Jutsu, a system of karate and jujitsu founded by Kensenzu Yamaegue…..moreSensei Ron Smith

Sensei Ron Smith

I’ve been a martial artist all of my life, but did not fully realize it until I met Sensei Shane Topp in 1994 and started studying Eugue-Ryu. Now, sixteen years later, apart of the Jukido-Kai Sogo Budo, I teach my own students and try to help guide them along their own path of life like Sensei Topp did for me….more

Sensei Lin Young

In spring of 2009, I formalized my training by becoming a student after years of watching my childre grow under the instruction of Master Topp…..more

Sensei Bryan Topp

Being raised in the Dojo, Bryan began his martial arts education at a very young age. After training in the youth program from the age of five to fourteen he was permitted to join the Adult Program for more intensive training. Through his teen years, Bryan was forming a sound foundation in  the Armed Tactics & combatives skills under the watchful eye of his father Master Topp………more

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