Sensei Bryan Topp

Being raised in the Dojo, Bryan began his martial arts education at a very young age. After training in the youth program from the age of five to         fourteen he was permitted to join the Adult Program for more intensive training in Karate-Jutsu. Through his teen years, Bryan was forming a sound foundation in  the Armed Tactics & Combatives skills under the watchful eye of his father Master Topp. At the age of seventeen Bryan had earned his Shodan 1st degree Black Belt in Eugue -Ryu Karate-Jutsu and began serving as an assistant instructor to the ATAC program of study. By the age of eighteen Bryan completed the Certified Instructor  course at Jukido Kai. He is currently ranked as a 5th Degree Black Belt in Eugue-Ryu, holds ranks in Iaido and Aikido, and is an Assistant Instructor to the Self Protection and ATAC programs.

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