Sensei Gerald (Russ) Conkle

Sensei Russ Conkle

Gerald “Russ’ Conkle has been training and teaching Martial Arts for nearly five decades! Sensei Conkle is an outstanding Martial Artist and a man of high honor and integrity. Mr. Conkle’s  training in the Way of the Martial Arts took off in earnest as a young man in 1972 when he entered under the instruction of Sensei Oscar Adams. At that time Mr. Conkle was training in traditional Judo as well as the Eugue-Ryu system of Karate-jutsu. Although Sensei Conkle trained in both arts, his love of Judo made that art his primary focus. As the young Mr.Conkle grew in skill, he ended up heading up the Judo program for Sensei Adams and was appointed as the lead instructor. Along with his teaching responsibilities and his desire to grow Judo in the area, Sensei Conkle continued to learn, train and network with other skilled Judo teachers.

Sensei Conkle is well known and respected in the Martial Arts community. He is a senior member in the Jukido-Kai organization. He holds the rank of Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) from the Governing Body of Judo in the United States. He is a Nationally Certified Judo Coach through USA Judo. He received his Godan (5th Degree) in Eugue-Ryu Karate-jutsu from Sensei Michael Young and more recently recieved his RokuDan (6th Degree) Masters Rank in  Eugue-Ryu through the Jukido Kai organization.

We at Jukido-Kai are honored to have Mr.Conkle as a teacher and member of our advanced Black Belts training group.

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